Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"Who's Got the Monkey?" article (November PA Mentorship/Networking Topic: Leadership/Professional Development)

The November PA mentorship/networking topic is leadership/professional development. We discussed this article today during our weekly luncheon. It was initially shared by a mentor/supervisor who I now also consider a peer. Such an enlightening experience after reading it that I've been sharing it ever since. I've also found it useful not only in my professional life but also personally especially delegating tasks to family members who just as well can get the job done. My only challenge and what I want to remember is that it may not get done the way I want it to be done, but bottom line is it gets done which frees time for me to focus on my own "monkeys."

"Who's Got the Monkey?"

The question I posed to the group is this: "How can you implement this article in your professional and personal lives?"

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