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"Who's Got the Monkey?" article (November PA Mentorship/Networking Topic: Leadership/Professional Development)

The November PA mentorship/networking topic is leadership/professional development. We discussed this article today during our weekly luncheon. It was initially shared by a mentor/supervisor who I now also consider a peer. Such an enlightening experience after reading it that I've been sharing it ever since. I've also found it useful not only in my professional life but also personally especially delegating tasks to family members who just as well can get the job done. My only challenge and what I want to remember is that it may not get done the way I want it to be done, but bottom line is it gets done which frees time for me to focus on my own "monkeys."

"Who's Got the Monkey?"

The question I posed to the group is this: "How can you implement this article in your professional and personal lives?"

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Cliff notes from the Filipina Women's Network Summit

I've procrastinated long enough and if I do not write down all my notes from the recent Filipina Women's Network summit, time will pass and I would have forgotten what I learned. I want to write a potpourri of what I thought were important at the time so that I can reflect back on this and remember what an awesome and unbelievable experience I had meeting awesome Filipinas all over the world!

Here we go!

Day 1 at Charles Schwab, keynote speaker, beautiful cabalen Nina Aguas, CEO of Philippine Bank of Communication, Manila, Philippines

-shine bright overseas
-rise above ourselves
-that Filipina smile that can light up a room
-church, sense of family
-spend time with employees and share vision
-find mentees
-without darkness you cannot appreciate the light

Day 1 Panel;  Love your Personal Brand

-clarity and empowerment, wellness and compassion
-courage, integrity and service
-be comfortable to the next level
-destiny, where you want to be
-do your best; follow... lead
-Filipina talent, pride
-Excellence, self-competition, futuristic, what's next?
-Clarify in message and consistency
-reputation - "no off days"
-be authentic
-follow through
-know your worth, strengths and weaknesses
-values, risk, chances
-balance, humility/power= grace
-get over the humps
-don't sell yourself short
-don't undervalue yourself
-remove negativity
-share forward - mentor and inspire
-balancing act between being cocky and humility, between is "grace"

Day 1 Make Me a Filipina Millionaire
-prove yourself
-power of the media
-political situation affects your business
-be a powerful role model
-wealth has to be given away
-Computer Literacy Program
-passion and like what you do
-don't be afraid to fail

Day 2 Google Ms. Lapiz Speech - I tell ya, she was awesome (I'm not saying the others were not, but this gal, she really had it together)

o Style (Leadership)

o Complexity
-no perfect solution
-be flexible
-process of problem solving with creativity

-personal resiliency
-high priority
-personal time for exercise

Work of leaders
Fearless and effective
Use talent to have impact
Made things happen
Live life with meaning and purpose
Kaiser Permanente 77% women
need to be role models for patients and families


Day 2 - Google with VP of Ops Mrs. Jocelyn Ding (I don't think I was taking too many notes because I was hanging on her every word but here's what I have)

Ouya- gaming, $1M in 8 hrs, $8.5M in 30days (fundraising)
Kickstarter, internet changed everything

-Cloud, mobile and social
40% smartphone
95% use cloud services
230K years social media every month

We have better tools at home than at workplace
53% business use their personal tools to workplace (Forrester, 2012)
"Work the way you live"
better together than from everywhere

Google apps, calendar, drive, +, collaborate, global teams and partners

Analyze and make better data driven decisions, google maps

Store, analyze and build on our cloud

content and people across every system

everything from anywhere on any devise (Google chrome browser, modern access)

Career Tips
-Find a mission not a job (higher purpose)
-Know your stuff (no substitute, no amount of networking; be a good operator, make things happen)
-Consider leadership a personal responsibility (you are fortunate; share what you know)
-Be vigilant about your health (diet and exercise)
-Cherish relationships
-Celebrate having separate worlds

She then shared this video by John Butterill
Photographer John Butterill discovered a way to share his photo walks through Google+ Hangouts. Almost immediately photographers around the world began volunteering to share their view of the world with people whose mobility was limited.

We are a blessed generation
Our duty to move(?)  business to enjoy experiences
Leveraging technology

Day 2 Google CEO Panel
Marife, Maryjane, Jocelyn, Shirley

-Instinct is to be a peacekeeper
-overcoming decision, tough conversations
-have a clear position and accept the differences
-employees rate you, growth in learning from feedback

-prove your ability
-corporate ladder
-racial discrimination (1/3 national, 1/3 American, 1/3 Filipinos and others)
-global: personality, intelligence, strategy
-giving back

-Albert Einstein quote:" In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
-Nikosi Johnson quote: "Do all you can with what you have in the time you have in the place you are."

-customer centricity
-huge presence in country (Philippines)
-empathy (malasakit)
-rocket ship: GET ON IT!
- no need for a high title to make a difference

Nina, panel moderator
-"Bucket" list became a "bakit" (why?) list --insert huge laughter here

The moment will come that someone will let you show you know your stuff (be ready!)

Other inspirations
Shirley: Bruce Lee

What you are doing now will prepare you for the future

Day 2 Femtoring - Femtor Match
fwn.mentoringsoftware.comBefore registering, please have the following items prepared:
  • Resume (Please keep this to 2 pages maximum.)
  • Profile Photo
  • A short blurb about yourself to share with your potential FEMteeTM/FEMtorTM (150 characters maximum)

Day 2 - Political Insider Panel

Assert power regardless of industry
take a seat at the table (or you'll be on the table or on the menu)
push the buttons to fight for rights
"we are not going away"
good working and living conditions
grass roots- community activism
culture of passive aggressive, motherland mentality
get over these: quiet, obey, respectful (time and place for them but say something when needed)
respect self and others
speak up when you are at the table
"teach" wherever you go
don't embarrass in public
be the voice of the Filipinos
Filipinos blend well
beautiful country and be proud
the important issues, be involved
women's issues, be more vocal
labor union- assert your right and leadership
make weaknesses strengths
if you're not seated at the table, you'll be on the table (or the menu) ---worth repeating
strengths and influence
Challenges: language, "accent", perception of barrier, experience, inferiority complex
starts with education, register to vote
experience back home brought you here
everything happens for a reason
be involved to help the causes of Filipinos
look out for everyone too
Politics: It's a lot of work, partnership
The answer is no if you don't ask
be involved
Technology: Femtor/Femtee - always learning
It's about showing up and networking

Inside game - talk to the lawmakers
Outside game - community

The work you do identifies you
Keep a seat at the table
Creating opportunities
-being included in speeches, May (Asian Month), women's health
Defense to offense (beyond the fluff)
Money influences politics (caucus, use our strength to get into the door, trusted advisor, veterans)

Difficult to be in public eye
If you want to give advice (or criticize), also lift a finger (e.g. $, phone, connect)
Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
Asian American Democrats of Texas
Young Filipina
Step up in leadership and know who you are
Have a clear voice

Negotiate for what you want
Study and be knowledgeable
Know the power players
Go in with confidence, "fight" for your goals
Keep your emotions in check
Weigh in your chances for winning
Don't be quick to compromise
Be decisive
Mind map
Take a challenge

I missed most of the international panel due to my video appointment. However, as an alibi, these are the notes I took towards the end of the panel discussion.

Be bold
Have the courage to speak
Cannot be too academic, base it on experience
Technical skills
Keep your sense of humor
Do the best you can
Have a moral compass
Stop trying to be popular, just do what u think is right
Be the servant leader
Let the others take the claim/credit
Resilient, be positive
Leadership is 24/7
The leader will always rise in disasters
Collective leadership, engage from top to bottom, empower all
Active listening; be able to guide them
Put yourself in their shoes
Leadership is not a title, it is not about you, making things better
Listen, help sort out problems
Do what u love and enjoy

There was a lot of kwentuhan, networking, bonding moments. I write these notes so I do not forget the lessons I learned, lean in and take my seat at the table!

Complete listing of all the events during the summit

List of the Global 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World recipients

MAJ Duran-Stanton Attends the Filipina Women’s Network Leadership Summit as one of the Global100 Most Influential Filipinas in the World

San Francisco, CA – MAJ Amelia M. Duran-Stanton, , an orthopaedic physician assistant and currently the Deputy Chief of Inspections, Office of the Inspector General, Headquarters, U.S. Army Medical Command in JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas, attended the 10th Annual Filipina Women’s Network Leadership Summit from October 24 to 27, 2013, that provided several panels and presentations on leadership and mentorship. FilipinaWomen's Network (FWN) is the nonprofit professional association for women of Philippine ancestry based in the United States. The events were conducted at Charles Schwab, Google, and the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel in the heart of San Francisco. Previous summits awarded the Most Influential Filipina Women in the United States. This is the first year that the organization went global which includes awardees from the United States, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Japan, China, Poland, Singapore, Thailand and The United Arab Emirates. MAJ Duran-Stanton was awarded amongst “Innovators and Thought Leaders.” According to the FWN, this award category “recognizes women who have broken new ground in the marketplace, have delivered new and unique applications of emerging technology transforming the way people think, in the fields of sports, literature, the arts and pop culture, or have improved the lives of others by helping develop a product or service in the fields of science, engineering, technology, or medicine. This award category is also for someone who have either launched a new enterprise learning function or completely overhauled an existing development or community initiative.” MAJ Duran-Stanton was also selected on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) panel which discussed how we can continue to mentor and influence young women and girls in choosing these fields.  The summit included several discussions on leadership, political activism, and networking. It also challenged all attendees to “Femtor” (female mentorship) up and coming female leaders.

MAJ Amelia M. Duran-Stanton, PhD, DSc, U.S. Army, receives her award as one of the Global100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World (with Susie Quesada, President, Marily Mondejar, Founder/CEO, and Elena Buensalido Mangahas).

MAJ Duran-Stanton discusses how we can better mentor and influence young women and girls in being engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Other panel member were Dr. Julieta Gabiola, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University and ABC’s Global Health, Pacifica, California and Dr. Carmencita David-Padilla, Director of Newborn Screening Reference Center, National Institute of Health, University of the Philippines.

MAJ Amelia Duran-Stanton, fourth row second from the left, along with the other Global100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award recipients.


Major Ariel Batungbacal, U.S. Air Force, Rear Admiral Eleanor Valentin, U.S. Navy, and MAJ Amelia Duran-Stanton during the Filipina Women’s Network Summit Gala.


MAJ Amelia Duran-Stanton and fellow recipients of the Global100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World award, Bessie Badilla, Brinoy Music Founder from Connecticut, Secretary Imelda Nicolas (Commission on Filipinos Overseas Office of the President of the Philippines),  Maj Ariel Batungbacal, U.S. Air Force and Dr. Annette David (Senior Partner, Health Consulting Services, Piti, Guam).


With "Cabalen" Allan Pineda (also known as from the Black Eyed Peas).

The military Filipina posse: Major Ariel Batungbacal, Major Amelia Duran-Stanton, Colonel Shirley Raguindin and Rear Admiral Eleanor Valentin. Thanks FWN for sitting us on the same table!
MAJ Duran-Stanton with Dr. Astrid Tuminez, Regional Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Southeast Asia, Microsoft Inc., from Singapore.

MAJ Duran-Stanton sat next to Rear Admiral Eleanor Valentin, Director, Military Health System Governance Integration Organization, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs from Washington, DC during the gala and discussed their commonality in the field of medicine.

MAJ Duran-Stanton and Maj Batungbacal with Jocelyn Ding, Vice President, Enterprise Operations at Google, Mountain View, CA.

Elizabeth Ann Quirino, Journalist Food writer from Jersey; Dr Carmencita David-Padilla, Director of Newborn Screening Reference Center, National Institute of Health, University of the Philippines; Nina Aguas, President and CEO of Philippine Bank Communications, Manila, Philippines, and MAJ Duran-Stanton.

MAJ Duran-Stanton with Patricia Paez, the Ambassador, Embassy of the Philippines in Poland, and nonresident ambassador to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, from Warsaw, Poland.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 7- Austin 5K Color Vibe - Supports Local Charity "Learn to Be"

Day 7 is the close out event in Austin, Texas which is a 5K Color Vibe Run/Walk that supports a local charity "Learn to Be." There is still time to sign up on Friday or on site on Saturday. Kids are also able to participate. All details are under this link:


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 6 (Friday 11 OCT 2013) Community Outreach Event

Day 6 is a Community Outreach Event at the Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston, Texas Post Exchange (PX).


Day 5 (10 OCT 2013) IPAP /PA Day Salado Creek Park

Day 5 of 2013 PA Week was an IPAP/PA Day at Salado Creek Park 1300-1600 hours. The event included a reading of the proclamation of National PA Week from Mayor Julian Castro. It was followed by the guest speaker, Mr. Bob Cole. The event was catered by Rudy's Barbecue. There were several sporting events that all staff, students and family members were able to participate in.


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

DAY 4 (Wednesday 09 OCT 2013) National PA Week Observance Gathering

Day 4 was a National PA Week Observance Gathering at the Wood Auditorium, 2nd Floor of MEDCOM HQ on the corner of Stanley and Worth Roads. Master of Ceremony (MC) was MAJ Amelia M. Duran-Stanton. The video message from LTG Horoho and the Music Slide Show by CPT Joanna Sanford from Fort Hood, Texas were played in the beginning of the observance gathering.

"The Surgeon General, LTG Patricia D. Horoho, extends her heartfelt
congratulations to all military PAs.  Please click on the link below to
view her video message for 2013 National PA Week.

2013 National PA Week Music Slide Show

There were also several physician assistants who talked about their current roles and provided words of wisdom to the recent IPAP graduates who were there to attend the Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC).

COL Pauline Gross - IPAP
LTC Jeffrey Oliver - MEDCOM HQ, Deputy Physician Assistant Consultant to TSG
MAJ David Broussard - Center for Predeployment Medicine, Deputy Program Director
MAJ Charles Jennings - IPAP Army Phase 2 Coordinator
MAJ Newport - Department of Combat Medic Training
MAJ Amelia Duran-Stanton - MEDCOM IG
CPT Jason Adams - Basic Officer Leaders Course

Thank you to the MEDCOM and SP Corps senior leaders, fellow PAs and the AMEDD Recruiters who attended the event.





JBSA Fort Sam Weekly Wednesday Physician Assistant Mentorship/Networking Luncheons

As we celebrate PA week this week, what are we doing in order to sustain the momentum of the excitement throughout the week? What are we doing to improve our profession? Where are the gaps from where we are today and where we need to be? How are we going to get there? How do we make it better for future generations of PAs?

One way that the Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston  physician assistants can answer these important questions is by our newly established weekly PA Mentorship/Networking luncheons from 1100-1200 hours every Wednesday.

We discuss current events that affect our profession and several lines of effort in order to support Army Medicine and the SP Corps. More importantly, we take the time to meet, build camraderie, and establish a network that honors the past, celebrates the present and plans for the future. To borrow JFK's saying of "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" and think about this: "Ask not what the physician assistant profession can do for you, ask what you can do for the physician assistant profession." America Needs PAs... come join us in asking and providing solutions on what we can do for the physician assistant profession... not only during National PA week.

For the month of October, we are focusing on the following: ORB, OERSF, OER, DA Photo, CV. COL Gross mentioned today to support this focus is bringing someone with you when you take your DA Photo and having someone else check your photo before approving it. The group also added that you should also be looking over your ORB for corrections, and completing your OERSF based on your Senior Rater and Rater's OERSF, MAJ Broussard mentioned that reading over the Army Medicine 2020, the SP Corps Balanced Score Card, and knowing your unit's mission and vision are also an integral part of defining what should be on your OERSF.  The senior PAs offered to the junior PAs of looking over these documents for them to offer guidance and ways to improve. MAJ Duran-Stanton also mentioned that the TAPA (Texas Academy of Physician Assistants) offers a deeply discounted military membership as long as you are already a member of your military organization (SAPA for Army). COL Gross also caveated to have SAPA as your organization for the AAPA. These organizations are what drives our policymakers to make decisions that affect us; let your voice known by being involved. TAPA is having a CME opportunity in San Antonio, TX in February 2014. Even for those who are not coming for the CME, it is a good time to network with our civilian counterparts. See you for the remainder of PA week and keep up the momentum for next week's mentorship/networking meeting!


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Day 3 (Tuesday 08 OCT 2013) National PA Week Breakfast - Rocco Dining Facility

For Day 3 of 2013 National PA Week, CPT Richard Levada coordinated a breakfast gathering at the Rocco Dining Facility in JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He provided a pamphlet of CW2 Louis Rocco's biography and Medal of Honor citation. He and CPT Donald Merrill also set up Community Health displays at the Rocco and Slagle Dining Facilities.

During the event, COL Pauline Gross, the Army Service Chief at the Interservice Physician Assistant Program and one of the best living historian we have of Army PA history that is still on active duty, discussed CW2 Rocco and also historic background on the support received by the physician assistant community to get approval for the profession to be commissioned in the Army. There was also plenty of opportunity to get one-on-one time with fellow physician assistants to network in a relaxed atmosphere.


Here is the information provided on CW2 Louis Rocco:


CW2 Louis R. Rocco
(19 November 1938 - 31 October 2002)
Quick Facts
  • Joined the Army in 1955
  • Served as a medic
  • Graduated from the first Army Physician Assistant class in 1973
  • Retired from active duty in 1978
  • Returned to active duty in 1991-1992 and served recruiting medical personnel
  • Dedicated his life promoting Veterans Against Drugs and other Veteran’s causes
  • Buried in San Antonio National Cemetery
Medals and Awards
Medal of Honor                                                                       
Bronze Star Medal                                                       
Purple Heart
National Defense Service Medal
Vietnam Service Medal
Southwest Asia Service Medal
Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Streamer
Vietnam Campaign Medal
Combat Medical Badge
Parachutist Badge

Rank and organization: Warrant Officer (then Sergeant First Class), U.S. Army, Advisory Team 162, U.S. Military Assistance Command
Place and date: Northeast of Katum, Republic of Vietnam, 24 May 1970
Entered service at: Los Angeles, CA
Born: 19 November 1938, Albuquerque, NM

Citation: WO Rocco distinguished himself when he volunteered to accompany a medical evacuation team on an urgent mission to evacuate 8 critically wounded Army of the Republic of Vietnam personnel. As the helicopter approached the landing zone, it became the target for intense enemy automatic weapons fire. Disregarding his own safety, WO Rocco identified and placed accurate suppressive fire on the enemy positions as the aircraft descended toward the landing zone. Sustaining major damage from the enemy fire, the aircraft was forced to crash land, causing WO Rocco to sustain a fractured wrist and hip and a severely bruised back. Ignoring his injuries, he extracted the survivors from the burning wreckage, sustaining burns to his own body. Despite intense enemy fire, WO Rocco carried each unconscious man across approximately 20 meters of exposed terrain to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam perimeter. On each trip, his severely burned hands and broken wrist caused excruciating pain, but the lives of the unconscious crash survivors were more important than his personal discomfort, and he continued his rescue efforts. Once inside the friendly position, WO Rocco helped administer first aid to his wounded comrades until his wounds and burns caused him to collapse and lose consciousness. His bravery under fire and intense devotion to duty were directly responsible for saving 3 of his fellow soldiers from certain death. His unparalleled bravery in the face of enemy fire, his complete disregard for his own pain and injuries, and his performance were far above and beyond the call of duty and were in keeping with the highest traditions of self-sacrifice and courage of the military service.

CW2 Rocco Medal of Honor Citation

Oral History Interview with CW2 Louis R. Rocco

Day 2 (Monday 07 OCT 2013) Joint Base San Antonio PA Week - AMEDD Recruiting Event

For Day 2 of National PA Week, MAJ Jaime Davila coordinated with CPT Jeremy Mello and SFC John Guilmette from the San Antonio recruiting office to set up an information table at the Department of Combat Medic Training area in JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas. They were all available to answer questions from very eager students on the opportunities available to them in Army Medicine.